Sensory Education & Food Appreciation

The word “sapere” in Latin means both to taste and to know. The SAPERE method was founded by French Professor Jacques Puisais in 1974 with the conviction that sensory education is a paramount pillar in developing food appreciation and promoting good health. The SAPERE method has been successfully practiced in preschools and kindergartens across multiple European countries (including Finland, Netherlands, France, and Sweden) with the purpose of teaching young children about the knowledge and enjoyment of food to ensure a varied and balanced diet; and ultimately developing a strong foundation for healthy eating.

In a learning setting, the Sapere Method translates to hands-on activities where children are encouraged to use their five senses before and during mealtimes. The lessons are based on laboratory-style sensory training that enables curiosity and interest in a non-judgmental environment where children are encouraged to develop their own questions and opinions throughout the lessons. These lessons use learning materials that include raw ingredients and simple foods.